About us

We're a group of friends who enjoy making content of all kinds. That's it really.


As for a timeline, in 2011 HAVOK coined the name Havok Tech Studios, and started dipping his toes into source mapping in 2012 with Team Fortress 2, before moving to Garry's Mod in 2013. Then, he started programming and then started up a military themed server, where he met Conor. For a while, there wasn't much progress. HT.S of the time stagnated a bit, hosting servers of various gamemodes. The end goal was creating a World War Two server, but at the time, HT.S did not have the resources.

Tyto joined the community as a regular member in 2015, was taught how to model in 2017 by Comrade Bear, and has been a permanent fixture since then. In 2016, HAVOK posted an application to help him develop his vehicle base HVAP. Comrade Bear was the only person to apply. Thankfully, he has proven himself more than competent. Towards the end of 2017, the goal of a WW2 server was finally realized, with the Allies and the Axis battling on a custom map made by HAVOK, using a good portion of models by Comrade Bear. This server took off, with 40+ daily players. The community took off as well, gaining many members.

In 2018, HAVOK met Gredwitch, who was working on aircraft at the time. Throughout 2019, more work was put into vehicles, which caught the attention of William, who had been working on a "mega pack" of various props from the 1940s. In 2020 Ponzu approached HAVOK and Comrade Bear with an idea for a WW2 server based around low-poly cartoony assets (Think Ravenfield, but World War Two). While this idea didn't make it into an actual server, Ponzu stuck around, providing mapping expertise.

Fun Facts

Fun, right? You don't need to lie to me. I understand that wasn't the most riveting story. Now, for some more interesting stuff:

If you've ever used almost any Star Wars weapon pack in Garry's Mod, you've likely seen an animation by Comrade Bear. The reload animation of raising the barrel of the gun about the player's view was done by Comrade Bear in 2016 for the workshop addon Star Wars Battlefront 2015 Sweps (REWORKED). And was promptly copy-pasted into an incredible number of weapon packs, all without asking Comrade Bear. How rude.

If you've ever played on any flavor of gm_range, you've played on HAVOK's most popular map, originally made all the way back in 2015.

If you've ever called in some fire support on the bad guys (or good guys, I won't judge), you've probably used Gredwitch's Artillery SWEPs made by... Gredwitch. Who has also made an incredible number of aircraft, along with his very popular emplacement pack.