Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: When's the server going to release?
    A: Soon™

  • Q: What's the server IP?

  • Q: Do you have a Discord server?
    A: Yes

  • Q: How can I get involved?
    A: The Discord server. We've even carved out a nice little corner where anyone can share what they're working on

  • Q: Why was I kicked/banned?
    A: No idea, reach out to us at, where nobody will answer you as fast as possible.

  • Q: Who is the community leader?
    A: Technically, HAVOK is. But we tend to work as more of a democracy, with everyone suggesting and vetoing

  • Q: What host do you use?
    A: Everything is hosted by HAVOK on his dedicated hardware. A majority of our servers are running Windows, but we're working to get more Linux virtual machines set up

  • Q: Can I re-upload addon XYZ?
    A: It depends on who uploaded it. You should ask them. Assume that no response means "no"

  • Q: Who made the it?
    A: I did.