Havok Tech Studios

Who are we?

A group of friends who like to pretend we're a development studio. Well, that's a bit harsh. We're a group of friends who love making content and trying to run game servers.

So far, we've primarily stuck to Garry's Mod for our content (and servers), but we've been reaching out as well with Unreal Engine and modding for various different games.

To be honest, branching out hasn't gone very well for us. Everyone has wanted to mod a different game or use a different engine. Thankfully, we all agree that Facepunch's upcoming game S&Box will be our next big thing.

No, really, who are we?

Name Skills
HAVOK Programming, vehicles, mapping, hosting
Comrade Bear Models, textures, animation
Gredwitch Programming, vehicles
William Models, textures
Conor Sound effects
Tyto Models
Ponzu Maps